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A word that carries weight as easily as it lifts it. One that leaps from one to the next, never alighting long enough and always too long.
She had it. Responsibility. Command. Accountability, power, liability, importance.
There were people here who trusted and relied on her, who clung hopefully to the mere fact that she existed and therefore they could too. In a world where so little was certain, even a simple truth was more welcome than any material comfort they might be missing.
The wide eyes of men and women that turned to her as she walked through a pathetic smattering of tents and lean-tos. The soft, scarcely muffled sobs in the still of night that bit through the calm following an ubiquitous storm. The ill and injured, broken and battered, desperate and dying. All rode on the wavering back of her shoulders.
And they trusted her, trusted her, to carry it.
People who, once upon a better time, had thrown to the wayside people like her, peo
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Request: A Rose by Any Other Name
Beautiful. It was the only way to describe her.
Often he would perch nearby her web; intricately woven of the finest shimmering silk, just to watch her move about like an elegant dancer. Her gleaming black abdomen, voluptuous and as inky black as the night sky, scarcely moved as she daintily tread the silvery threads of her home. Her legs—long, slim, and dangerous—made his powdery wings flutter in delight. And those beautiful, sweet ebony eyes, dancing and crackling like fire, so full of life, oh how he would love to be the object of their pleasure!
On some days she would be repairing her web, traversing its filaments with a dignified stride. These times she would walk even upside down to get to a different section, and then he would see her beauty's pinnacle: the flaming red hourglass that adorned her underside. Yes, truly she was beauty incarnate.
The sun was just beginning to set on one such day when he floated softly down to a branch near her exquisite abode. He alighted
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Request: Rain
It was raining. Still.
It had been a full day and the heavy gray clouds showed absolutely no sign of letting up. In general, the weather was beginning to reflect on the moods of the small group of warriors within its grasp. The past few hours especially had been filled to overflowing with yelling, pouting, punching, arguing, and whining. By the time night rolled around it had ceased looking like a campsite and morphed into something much more similar, in Rita's opinion, to a daycare.
For the sake of her sanity, the young mage had made a quick and decidedly sneaky escape. She didn't go far, just to the other side of the building they were holed up in, but perching on a half broken balcony that overlooked the rough seas was better than sitting next to a group of childlike idiots with swords. She swung her legs idly over the edge, sheltered from the rain by the building's side. Seagulls cackled, trying to ride out the stormy winds and making rather undignified landings when it got too rou
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So. That last journal was up a depressingly long time. Thought I might as well change it.

Thus, here I am.

Now, I know that NO ONE reads this silly thing, but just in case someone gets dreadfully lost and somehow ends up here, I beg you, dear stranger, to stop just a moment and give me a little moment of attention. Really, it isn't hard. Basically, I just want a word. Any word. So long as it starts with a letter that isn't "R" or "A". No, I don't have anything against those letters, let me explain.

I've decided that it's fun to write a story based on a single word and what that word may mean to different people. So I've embarked on a little experimental journey into the realms of original short prose. I would like to write a short story, only a few hundred words, for each letter of the alphabet. Or, a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet. I started with R because I didn't realize I was going to do this until I had already finished the story, and then I figured I had better start at the beginning to do it correctly. So I have "Responsibility" and "Artist" already down.

Now. This is where you, those random people who somehow ended up here on my page and stayed long enough to see what on earth I'm talking about, come in. Give me a word. The only rules: Nothing explicit, nothing offensive, and nothing that doesn't start with a letter. So keep the cursing and sex out of it. Because those are crude, people. And we're classy here.

Now, my dear strangers-who-are-here-and-don't-know-why (and my sister...hopefully she'll at least read this), go forth and grab a dictionary. Or just pick a word. I can't offer anything for it but the pleasure of knowing you helped a fellow artist along the way.

Ta ta for now

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  • Reading: Fanfiction!!! :D
  • Playing: Some random word game
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  • Drinking: Water


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Welcome, fellow deviant, to my humble (and sadly neglected) page. I'm Penguin. Or Jazzy. Take your pick.

I'm a writer, a hobbyist photographer, and a student of psychology who loves nerding out to various things, from music to movies to literature and beyond. Although I'm not artistic in the magical realms of painting, drawing, etc, I think I can weave a decent tale, and my photography beats a six year old's. Sometimes.

Anyways, nice to have you, please come again, and enjoy.


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Where did the names come from?
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Yep! That's us! Paradoxal-Penguin comes from my...confusing self? I'm a bit of a paradox in some areas, you know, not making perfect sense in what I like, and the penguin is a result of me taking a quiz online when I was really bored and discovering I hae a penguin personality XD

Esper-Isotopes was actually thought up with both Ashley and myself in mind because we were sharing it. Esper in reference to video games and fantasy (I think...) and Isotopes in reference to my love of science ;)

It's a little confusing....
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